Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today I gave my presentation on OTC pain meds in my OTC drugs class and I think we did a pretty killer job. We took pretty much the whole class period and sparked a really interesting discussion. Now it's time to sit back and chill in that class cause now all I have to do is listen to everybody elses presentations! Pretty sweet deal eh? My car is still runnin like a champ, no issues as of yet... I didn't take that position at the Sandy Depot as the hardware supervisor. I decided that it interfered with school way to much and school it's important right now. Besides, the main goal is to leave the Depot as soon as possible and forever!! I'm all out of things to say now so I'm just gonna end it.


Bryce and Kellee Orrock said...

Hey there friend! We found your blog. It's pretty sweet! Now we can keep in better touch with you!

grandmacinny said...


I bet you really did do a killer job with you presentation. Now everybody see's how smart you are.
I can't wait to watch it.

I love you blog, keep it up.


Chelsie said...

Hey Dal! I saw your blog on Bryce and Kells...welcome to the blogging world! Sorry about the car problems! What happened to your fabulous truck prior mish...well I guess it couldn't just wait for you huh...props on your presentations..what are you going into at school friend?