Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here I am... I just got my car back from the "mechanics" and it's all good now. A large chunk of change and 1 week later I get it back and find out that the real problem wasn't even fixed! The good news is they didn't charge me for the time it took them to break my hood! My cars running now because I found the real problem and was able to fix it in about a half an hour. Work has been crazy busy lately, all kinds of problems to be fixed and decisions to be made. One of the biggest decisions that I have to make right now is if I want to change stores or not. Today the Sandy Home Depot called me and asked me if I would be interested in transferring up there to be the hardware supervisor. It's really tempting cause I really don't like my store and it'll be more money but, it's not a set schedule like I have now. I don't know what I'm gonna do just yet... but I will. Anywho... I'm done.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey ya'll!! I got on here to express my extreme frustation and distaste of car problems. I'm pretty sure that I hate car problems more than anything in the WORLD!! Nothing makes me more frustrated than not having my car function properly. Even though I have a nice car it makes me feel like it's a piece of junk and I just don't want it anymore. Most problems I can fix myself, but those are the problems that never happen! It's always something major and I have to take the car to the shop. The fuel pump has died on me but luckily it didn't do it until I was about a half a block away from home, so I coasted the rest of the way and made it into the driveway. The rain these past few days has been wicked awesome. It reminds me of Argentina and the frequent thunderstorms that we would have down there. Also it has keep pretty much everybody out of The Home Depot making my work WAAAYYY chill. School is good... in a couple of weeks I have to teach my OTC clas about Analgesics (pain meds)! I'm not to worried about it cause I think I've whipped up a pretty killer presentation. Go big or go home! (that's what Johnny Tsunami taught me.) LOL!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here I am... second day on the block. Or should I say BLOG! That was lame, sorry. I told everybody that I shouldn't start a blog cause my life is boring and sure as shootin, I was right. I've started school again for this semester and so far I'm already tired of it! Oh well... I guess we gotta just keep on truckin right? Lata!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What up... I'm new to this whole blogging thing so my older sister ( believe it or not) had to show me how to do it. I don't really know what to write so this will suffice for now. PEACE!!!