Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Howdy ya'll!! Just thought I'd get on here and let everybody know what it is that's happening. I've started working on getting my 180 hours of time in at the pharmacy. It's gonna take forever! It's pretty hard trying to work 2 jobs at once, but what makes it worse is that I'm not getting paid to be at the pharmacy. Oh well... I've gotta do it if I want to get paid some day. It's really fun and way chill. They told me that I can come in and work whatever schedule I want so that's good. It's kind of a different feeling being on the other side of the counter. It's a really small box which is exactly opposite of every job I have ever known. I've already filled alot of presciptions for people and I think that it's gonna turn out to be pretty cool. The people that I work with are pretty chill and I think that I'll learn alot from them. On top of all this I'm still going to school and that's going well also. My wrist is healing up nicely, I've almost got to the point that I can take the brace off. Anywho... that's pretty much it.. thanks for checking out my blog.